Business Process Automation made easy!

Sherpa Works

Sherpa Works is an Australian owned and operated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consultancy specialising in helping SME and Mid-Market businesses achieve business process automation.

RPA, also known as Software Robots, unleash your employees from boring, low-value, routine and repetitive tasks, so they can focus on taking your business to the next level of growth and beyond.

Talk to us about setting you staff free to do the jobs you hired them for, not the repetitive tasks you pay them for.

Our Team

Matt Skinner
Co-Founder & CTO

Helping customers identify automation opportunities within their business and bringing their bot workforce to life is Matt’s passion.

With broad business management experience and a deep understanding of the transformative capabilities of data and technologies, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), A.I. and CRM for operational improvements, Matt is ideally placed to guide our customers along their automation journey and deliver rapid ROI.

He has extensive hands-on development experience, and he and his team have developed a swathe of robust RPA solutions helping customers get the most from a wide-range of business critical applications, including ERP, CRM and finance and accounting platforms.

​His broad skill set encompasses leadership, strategy, tech, commercial and operations, experience gained and tested building a successful and agile SaaS business.


Thelma, A Robot

Thelma is a highly skilled and experienced robot that specialises in processing invoices for Small to Medium sized business. She is very efficient, never late to work, doesn’t take sick or annual leave and loves monotonous work. She also doesn’t make mistakes and is very proud of her 100% accuracy.

Robert, A Robot

Robert is a special kind of robot that can work 24/7 without instruction. He loves endless work that’s super boring but must be done.