RPA Consulting is our specialty!

RPA Made Simple

Sherpa Works is committed to consulting with you on your RPA needs to achieve the efficiency, accuracy & speed you require to thrive in a digital world.

​We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, enabling our clients to take their first automation steps to build and manage their own digital workforce.


Helping your organisation embrace the positive changes automation can have for your business and ensuring your staff see the benefits are essential first steps in your RPA journey.

Sherpa Works will support you as you take those steps. Through our Sherpa Works Discovery Report we identify the mundane, repetitive and high-volume processes that are crushing your soul and holding your business back, and work with you to highlight quick-wins and longer-term automation road maps.

Build & Implementation

With a roadmap in place and agreement on the most appropriate candidates for process automation, we rapidly deploy a pilot program designed to demonstrate how RPA will positively impact your operating model.

We handle the build and guide you through each step of the process so you can fully realise the benefits of automation within your organisation.

Management & Support

As an authorised UiPath Partner, Sherpa Works is on hand to provide the robot licences you require to build out your RPA capability, or we can deploy managed solutions depending on your preferred business model.

Our wealth of business experience and technology know-how ideally places us to provide the training and support you may require to develop your own in-house RPA capability. We are there to support you as you further shape your digital workforce.